Friday, March 28, 2014


Word Confusion, are you guilty?

After some research, I have found that many people use the wrong word, or spell a word incorrectly.  Along with the conveniences of technology, we have also lost some skills.  Being able to click "Spell Check"  has made many of us lazy.

The most common mistake on the internet, which shocked me was:

lose  vs.   loose

This is a verb vs adjective mistake.  

Verb:          Do not lose your money.

Adjective:  Your shoe laces are loose.

One of my pet peeves that I must correct when I see it?

accept  vs  except

Verb:          The college will accept application soon.
AdjectiveShe applied to all the colleges except one.

The following I had to look up for my own writing:

towards  vs toward

They are BOTH correct, however, towards is commonly used in Britain, whereas toward is used in the US.

seperate  vs separate

seperate is not a word, to remember this, you can use the ER is similar to ERror

who vs whom

This is a biggie just because people do not use proper grammar.  Whom should be used as an object in a prepositional phrase.

To whom does this book belong?
Of whom are you speaking?

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