Tuesday, April 1, 2014


It is recommended by some NYT Best Sellers that you publish an audio book for every book you write.  People perceive audio books to be more difficult to manufacture, therefore, having one made of your book gives both your book and your name credibility with readers.

Amazon owned ACX now makes it easier than ever! And, you have the option of paying the Narrator/Producer an upfront negotiated flat rate, OR sharing the royalties, meaning there is no upfront costs to you!

Step 1 - Your book must be available on Amazon, either ebook or print.

Step 2 - You set up a profile for your book:  Give a description, post whether you want to pay the upfront flat rate or share royalties with the narrator, then you post an audition script.

Step 3 -  Finding a Narrator 
There are literally thousands of narrators with samples
on their site. You punch in the demographics you are looking for:  Age, Gender, Genre, Style (sarcastic, humorous, upbeat, sexy), the language, even the accent! 

You can message narrators after listening to their samples, and narrators can message you after you begin accepting auditions.

Step 4 -  Auditions
Once contact is made with a narrator, they have the ability to post an audition for you.  This is approximately 7 minutes to give you an idea of their abilities. You can listen to the audition as many times as you like, and you can compare the different narrators who audition.  All you need do is click the button to play.  When you make a decision as to who you want to narrate your book, you go to step 5, Make an Offer.

Step 5  - Make an Offer  -  This is the truly easy part-- You select the person you found to be the best, set a time frame for the project, and submit.  When the person accepts, you now have a Project in Production.  What is an adequate time frame? Keep in mind that they are doing all of the work.  The author's part is just to sit back and listen along the way, and approve or give feedback. So be considerate! I set both of my project deadlines at 2 weeks for the first 15 minute track, and two months for the final project. This is a binding contract, so be considerate, but keep in mind, the narrator wants to get the project done just as quickly as you do.

Step 6 - Offer Accepted! 
Upload your manuscript!   

Step 7 -  15 Minute Sample 
Once you upload the manuscript, the narrator then produces a 15 minute segment for your approval.  According to your contract, the first 15 minutes is due by the deadline you set during Step 5.  Once you listen to it, you can approve it, or give the narrator feedback to improve the quality of the finished project.  Once this is completed, You are on your way.

Step 8 - Periodic Approvals  The narrator will send you clips for periodic approvals, most likely for every chapter.  Again, feedback and approval are necessary.

Step 9  -  Final Product - It's Finished!!!  

Step 10 -  Distribution
 The audiobook then goes on sale on Amazon, iTunes, Audilbe.com, and others, depending on the options you choose.

Cover Design - Anytime
The cover of your audio book must be a perfect square, 2100 x 2100 with at least 70pi.  You as the author can work on this, while the narrator is doing their thing!

Promote the heck out of your new audio book!!!!!  

I am currently involved with having my ebook, 
"10 Shades of Blush: The Softer Side of Kink"  and my print book "Goin' Postal & The Creek" made into audiobooks.  So far the process has been simple, fun, and interesting meeting some great people!  It is an awesome way to network with the narrators, as you both make money on the quality of the product! 

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