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The Creek:  
Where Stories of the Past Come Alive $2.99 

This is a compilation of stories that take place along the same creek front, but at different times.  The families struggle, love, and deal with tragedies. The final story depicts how the stories of the past can once again come alive.

 Honor Never Fades
 From the ebook, The Creek

A teenager comes home from an US Army recruiter during the Vietnam era to tell his family of his enlistment.  They must suffer the emotional strain and fear of his commitment, and when tragedy strikes, it takes no prisoners.

Love, Revolution Style
From the ebook The Creek

Free on Smashwords

Lieutenant James searches for a safe haven for his men during the American Revolution.  He unexpectedly finds himself falling in love with the woman who provides them a safe haven. Can he win the war, win the girl and stay alive?  

Only the Strong Survive
From the ebook, The Creek

During 1918, the cities were in a panic with people fleeing trying to escape the Spanish Influenza pandemic. This story tells of one family and how they attempt to remain normal surrounded by the news of death and WW I.

10 Shades of Blush: 
The Softer Side of Kink Series:  Book 1   $4.99

This is a new series that discusses the real fantasies of everyday women.  Each book of the series will have several chapters of fantasies, as well as instructional information to improve one's sex life.

True Stories of a 
U.S. Postal Worker

Read all about the wacky experiences of a real postal workers.  The true stories that the public never sees is told:  human heads in the mail, alligators getting loose in the processing center, and the panic and emotions behind the anthrax crisis. This is sure to make you laugh!

Available as an ebook, and soon in print!

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