Because I feel that we authors need to help each other, I would like to offer you a chance to post your blog link below in the comments section!!!!

Be sure to give a little info about what media and genre you publish!!!!

I would like to introduce you to the following authors:  Deborah Jay - Fantasy Author

Click Here for Deborah Jay's Blog

Harley Sachs - Author of 35 Books

 Click Here for Harley Sachs' Blog

Irene Dolnick
Click Here for Her Children's Book 


  1. My blog has a comment on Sotomayor's book and whether it is her book or her story. If you are self published and do all the work yourself it is your book, but if your story has been through an agent, editors, designers, etc etc it's not your book any more, it's their book and your story. There's a difference. If your royalty is only 10% it's their book, not yours.

    I have written novels, mysteries, short stories, memoirs, newspaper columns, magazine articles, even a romance and a science fiction. in all 35 books now available. Also some non fiction as in "Freelance Nonfiction Articles" which was originally published by the Society for Technical Communication as "How to Write the Technical Article and Get it Published" My latest novel is "" which might cause a world-wide women's rebellion against the scourge of sexual assaults on women.

    1. Wow... 35 books! Congrats to you!!! That is awesome! And I do applaud your efforts on "", hopefully the rebellion will come!!!!

  2. Thanks for the chance :)
    I am write both epic and urban fantasy (one of each published so far), and my blog is a mix of spotlights and reviews in those genres, along with some indie publishing and general writing info, and the odd random post on life in general.
    I also do 'Horse Tips for Writers', as training horses is my day job (I do requests on the subject too). Find me at:

    1. Wish I could edit that comment! Of course, that is 'I write' or 'I am a writer'...
      I would hate you to think that is the level of my English ;)