Monday, April 14, 2014


One of the best things about my writing journey has been meeting all of the great authors who are trying to help each other!

Today Donna Marie's World of Writing spotlighted me and my new book! 

This is her biography! Please stop by and tell her we sent you!

Along with my wonderful husband, I have raised four incredible sons while living in a Chicago suburban neighborhood. By day, I am an Insurance Specialist for over 200 physicians. By night, my love for writing is behind my creation of freelance articles, blog postings, and my greatest accomplishment of two published novels. Aside from writing, some of my favorite pastimes include reading, glass painting, cooking, and spending time with my family.

My first book, LOVE FOR ANGELA, was originally published in print version in 2004, and is now in a second edition eBook at Amazon. This debut novel was a story of love, romance, and family. During the time of publication and promotion, I had the thrilling honor of being interviewed by Marie Osmond on her radio program which was aired in several states at the time.

WE CAN LOVE AGAIN, also a novel of romance and family, was published in 2010 in print and e-book format. This novel received several 5-star reviews, all of which mentioned my style of writing which brings my characters to life.

When reading one of my novels, the stories will be found as believable, and the characters will be credible and significant. My writing is tailored to not only include love, passion, and romance, but also a genuine focus of family issues relevant to most readers.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Coming Soon.....

Coming in May 2014 

 Jane's Journey, Book 1
The McClusky Series

Written by Rhoda D'Ettore 
with Jonathan West 

In approximately a month, Jane's Journey will be released as the first book of The McClusky Series.  

1820 - Follow Jane as she and her son, Liam, venture to America from Ireland, leaving her husband behind to save money for his trip. She moves in with relatives that she has never met, and is even expected to work in a factory--which she has never done. Follow this woman through sorrow, pain, exhilaration, and more. Each book in this series will follow a different generation of the family.

Will be available as ebook, paperback, and audiobook

Coming in July 2014

Newborn Nazi

One family must survive during Nazi Germany, although their principles are divided.  When a 10 year old boy is taken by Nazi soldiers and is  inducted into Hitler's youth camps, his older sister starts begins her journey of rage, hate, and deceit.  As the decade moves forward, she begins housing and helping Jews, and eventually American soldiers. Her brother eventually becomes an officer in the SS, and finds out. Does he turn her in? Does he help her?  In the meantime, there are two other brothers who emigrated to America, they too are divided in their loyalties, one to the US and one to the Fatherland.

Will be available as ebook, paperback, and audiobook