Sunday, April 6, 2014


Want to help with the ending? 
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This is what I am currently working on...

The McClusky Series: Book 1
Jane's Journey

 I have an ancestor named Jane who came to America from Ireland in 1820. I used this as inspiration to write a new series. The story itself that I am writing is purely invented, as I truly do not know much about the family, however, it inspired me to write this new book.

It opens as a 22 year old woman and her 3 year old son are embarking on her voyage to Philadelphia. She leaves her husband behind to live with family she has never met, as they came to America before she was born. Her husband had no family in America, and he was planning on taking in boarders to increase their income.  

When she arrives in America, she is surprised that the family already found her a job---in a manufacturing plant. She had never expected to have to work, she thought the money her husband would send every month would be good enough.

Obviously I do not want to tell you any juicy parts.. but would you like to see a happy reunion with the hubby, or some sick twisted way of keeping them apart?

If I usse any of the suggestions I receive, I will send the person a FREE ebook... so email me with your preferred ending at:

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