Friday, March 14, 2014


Do you want to get published but don't know how?  You went to the places like Author House which want a $1,500 minimum, and when all is done you could spend $10,000?  You check out places like DiggyPod that look nice and easy, but charge you a ridiculous price by the book that you make nearly no profit? 

Forget them!!!

They are not going to market and distribute your book anyway, so you are going to have to do all the work, with none of the rewards!  So what should you do?


Createspace is an Amazon owned printing company which you can use to self publish. There are NO upfront costs, except for the first book, you need to buy as a proof in order to grant production approval.  No lie, mine was $3 plus shipping!  I am entitled to buy as many copies as I like at that price so that I can promote sales myself.

Once you approve your book for publication, you can choose to distribute it on Amazon and other distributors, and whether you want the book converted to a kindle format!

You still own the rights to your book, so you can still have it published elsewhere.  And, it was easy to upload from a MS Word .doc.  They have some great tools that help you make a professional looking cover, and then you see a virtual proof.  Once they review the book for their requirements, they will send you a message/email saying that your book is ready for you to approve the physical book.  They give you the price of your order for one physical copy which is determined by the page numbers and trim size.  Once you receive that, you can submit your approval for printing and distribution. 

The royalties are not bad either. With my book, the royalties are between $3.50-$5 for online orders, and even more for the copies I physically distribute myself.

If you have any questions, be sure to contact me, either here or on Facebook.

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